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My name is Gaspar Costa and I am a Portuguese illustrator focusing on brand identity, illustration, and hand lettering with a vintage/detailed approach, helping businesses stand out from the crowd.

I started my product design studies at the University of Minho in Portugal. Three years later, I took an illustration course with Daniel Silvestre and that's when my passion for engraving and pen & ink style started. Armed with several years of experience, a positive attitude, and an overworked-but-very-reliable coffee maker, I aim to make work that is intentional, eye-catching, and detailed.

I collaborate with design agencies, design studios, and particular clients inside and outside of Portugal. I consider this art my full-time freelance work after being recognized by some people on social networks and online art communities. I'm skilled at drawing compositions with detailed animals, nature, objects, and skulls.

I love to find inspiration in everyday life, whether it's from traveling to new places or from quietly observing people in public and the nature around me. These observations are often given new life through illustrations, comics, or animations.

Photography and photo manipulation are my favorite hobbies. When I'm not working, I practice calisthenics and surf.

Thanks for stopping to check out my work. I am constantly looking for new creative collaborations, so if you think I may be able to assist you on your next project, please reach out and say Hello!

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