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Client Process

1. Discovery Call

We have a brief 30-minute chat to discuss the project scope, timeline, and costs before any formal agreements or payments are made. Typically, we finalize these details during the call.

2. Confirmed & Sealed

Following our meeting, I'll send a project proposal detailing our agreed-upon services and costs. Upon your approval, I'll provide a briefing template along with payment details for a 75% deposit. Progress can begin once the deposit is paid, and the template is completed.

3. Design Phase Begins!

Upon receiving the 75% deposit, and completed brief along with the accompanying mood board, I'm ready to dive into the design phase. Below, I'll outline each step of my design process as I work toward developing a primary direction that aligns with the project brief.

4. Review Meeting

After about two to three weeks of receiving your materials, I'm ready to present my progress. I'll walk you through each step of the design process, explaining the rationale behind every decision leading to the final design. You'll also receive the presentation deck for reference when giving feedback.

5. Finalization & Reflection

Please take a day or two to digest the information before providing feedback. Changes will be communicated via email or discussed further in another presentation if needed.

6. Sign Off!

Upon approval, I'll send the final invoice. Once paid, I'll deliver all files neatly organized for your immediate use. Expect a follow-up from me a couple of months later to check on your progress.

My Illustration/Design Process

1. Analyzing the Brief and Conducting Research

Upon receiving your brief and mood board, I thoroughly analyze both to gather essential project insights for evaluating my work effectively. Then, I conduct extensive research to understand external factors shaping your brand, including industry trends, competitor analysis, and audience demographics.

2. Initial ideas

Ideas naturally emerge during the preceding stages, and now it's time to put them into action. This phase requires quick execution, jotting down ideas rapidly without worrying about perfection. Once I've brainstormed extensively, I'll review my notes and identify promising concepts to dive deeper into during the subsequent phase.

3. Idea Refinement

I'll carefully choose some promising ideas to refine, prioritizing paper sketches over digital work to allow for greater creativity and flexibility. This stage focuses on identifying and addressing any potential challenges or areas for enhancement within each design concept. Typically, one idea will stand out as the clear frontrunner by the end of this process.

4. Idea Refinement 2

I select promising ideas and transfer them to the computer for vectorization. Then, I explore typography and color schemes to enhance alignment with the project objectives. Once I've settled on the winning design, typography, and colors, I generate industry-specific mock-ups to demonstrate how the design fits into your context.

5. Completion or Adjustments
Upon receiving your consolidated feedback following my presentation, I'll refine the design if necessary. Significant changes will be presented again for approval. Once finalized, I'll send the final invoice. After payment, I'll promptly deliver all your polished assets, ready for launch!

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