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Custom Cones USA - University T-Shirt Collection

André Bayard from Custom Cones USA commissioned me to design an emblem illustration to be printed on a T-Shirt collection called "Custom Cones University". Custom Cones University is an extension of them being the “The Pre-Roll Experts”. For them to become Experts, people have to “attend’ the university and “graduate”.


To receive this shirt and other certifications, one must complete a series of training and continue the ongoing training while they are at Custom Cones USA. This shirt is something a person can wear to show they are experts in the pre-roll industry and be proud of it! Additionally, this is just a fun way to show a sense of “family” at Custom Cones USA. Just like real universities, the class we’re in, or the people and/or classmates we associate with tend to become our family while we’re there.

Client: Custom Cones USA

Services: Illustration & Hand Lettering

Support: André Bayard

Photos: Gaspar Costa

Year: 2022

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